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Alexander Bartleet explores the potential of things that are often underestimated, considered to have degraded qualities or are limited by traditions, habits of thought and so have lost their vitality and agency, including the possibility of incorporation into a work of art. Philosopher Martin Heidegger argued that objects are often ‘invisible’ to us when they are functioning and being used. It is only when things break down that we become aware of them and consider them. These existing habits of thinking can often fix things in the past and limit their potential to be realised in new and innovative ways. This practice investigates where vitality and newness might be located in things otherwise underestimated, forgotten or degraded materials. Through the making of art, this project will explore unconventional ideas and approaches that may disrupt existing limiting perceptions we have toward familiar things and open up new thoughts, possibilities and realisations for them in both art and life.

Waiheke Small Sculpture Prize Award Winner 2014
Wallace Trust Art Awards finalist 2013
Wallace Trust Art Awards finalist 2012
BMW Emerging Artist Award Winner 2008
Mazda Emerging Artist Award Winner 2007

Seen This Century, 100 Contemporary New Zealand Artists, A Collectors Guide. 2009

Solo Exhibitions

METAL, Warwick Henderson Gallery. Parnell. 2012
10,000 Objects, Warwick Henderson Gallery. Parnell. 2011

Group Exhibitions
ART IN THE DARK, Western Park. 2012