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NZ House and Garden Magazine. Article by Warwick Brown. Read here.

T.J Mcnamara Review in NZ Weekend Herald - August 18 2012. Read here.

  Exhibition Catalogue and John Dally-Peoples review - Metal 7th - 25th August 2012 Warwick Henderson Gallery. Read here.

Alexander Bartleet – an artist with the Midas touch. Review by John Daly-Peoples


A coffee with Courteney from Gather and Hunt


Interview with Max on B-fm

Interview with Poppa-B(Bruce Hopkins) on Ponsonby Radio

Talking to writer and poet
Courtney Sina Meredith 


I knew Alex a long time ago, before he was Alexander Bartleet, next in line to the ever-alluded round table of ‘made it’ contemporary NZ artists... Fearful of the ‘severe weather warning’ we met indoors, at his family home in Pt Chev for a wine.  Click here to read article.

NZ Herald Review - By T J McNamara



NBR Review: Ten thousands objects; one painting by John Daly-Peoples

The still life painting has been a part of the artist’s vocabulary for thousands of years with some major painters such as Picasso giving the mundane object an iconic status. The everyday items of the house and studio have been easy and accessible subject matter and they allow the artist to use simple objects to explore the elemenst of colour, light, form and texture. In his recent exhibition “10,000 Objects” Alexander Bartleet has produced works which elevate the common object, making them part of a complex world.


Radio Interview on 95bfm Breakfast. Tuesday 15th March

Seen this Century - A Collectors Guide by Warwick Brown


'...The use of found objects in art is not new but Alexander Bartleet adds his own variation. He fills the picture space with a bewildering range of common items from hinges to cheap jewellery to give what Warwick Brown calls “the sense of a seething, energised mass.” Bartleet then alters their “realness” to “painterliness” by over-brushing paint and then rubbing back. The objects now look super-real but their original nature changes as they become harmonised parts of an abstract painting … like the paint dribbles in a Jackson Pollock.'

Nz Art Monthly Review December 06 / January 07

Oh, the Relief! A review of the work of Alexander Bartleet by Warwick Brown. Like many critics and dealers, I try to get to the Auckland arts graduate shows. They are an opportunity to take the pulse of the young art scene, to see what trends are taking hold, and what the general standard is. Much of the time I feel that the artists are playing around and not addressing the real challenge - to make work that will stand the test of time.[more]